The Catholic values that St. Leo’s instilled in me have proven to be priceless as I have continued my education and become more exposed to the world. The education I received at St. Leo’s was excellent. I was exposed to a wide variety of subjects and given the resources that I needed to excel in academics.
J.L. St. Leo class of ’03

Thomas Jefferson H.S. ’07, University of Notre Dame ’11

Academically, St. Leo’s has exceeded our expectations. Our girls were well prepared for high school in all areas and have been very successful, in part, because of the strong foundation provided by St. Leo’s teachers and curriculum.
J.D., St. Leo parent classes of ’06, ’08, ’15

Students are grouped heterogeneously. Kindergarten through Grade 3 are self-contained classes. Within the classroom, your student may be divided into smaller groups and given additional assistance to meet his/her individual needs and learning style. In Kindergarten through Grade 3, instructional assistants assist the classroom teacher. A modified departmental program begins in Grade 4 and increases as your student progresses to the middle school grades.

Our Kindergarten is a full day program. The curriculum provides for active involvement and emphasis on basic skills and concepts; pre-reading and reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, and Encore subjects; Art, Spanish, Music, Physical Education, Library and Technology. Instruction in religious truths and values is an integral part of the program.


Primary objectives include stimulation of a greater interest in reading and an effort to increase vocabulary, speaking, listening, comprehension, and creative writing. Concentration is on the core subjects with an emphasis on reading, writing, and math. Reading and language arts are integrated and the holistic approach to learning is encouraged. Your student continues his/her progress in the encore subjects of Art, Spanish, Music, Physical Education, Library and Technology.

A program of continuous practice and expansion of language arts and math skills accompanied by their application to content areas is provided in Grades 3 through 5.The core and encore subjects, as well as Spanish, are studied in greater depth.
Children on this level are provided with additional opportunities to work independently, according to their abilities. Teachers continue to equip your child with knowledge, appreciation, skills, habits, and attitudes necessary for successful living. The major thrust of these grades is growth in maturity and responsibility.

Your student will work with a Middle School schedule including change of classes to provide for instruction in each of the core and encore subjects. They are given greater responsibility in their learning as well as in providing leadership. Working within the Middle School concept, emphasis is placed on teamwork and the recognition of your child’s contributions to the learning process.

Based on their mathematics progress, aptitude, and teacher recommendation in sixth grade, your student is placed in either Mathematics 7 or Pre-Algebra for the following academic year, and are notified of this placement at the end of sixth grade.

Based on their mathematics progress, aptitude (including the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test score), and teacher recommendation in seventh grade, your student is placed in Introduction to Algebra, Algebra 1, or Honors Algebra 1.

Leading by Example to Foster Faith and Academic Growth