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The St. Leo’s Band has been in existence since 1974, and Mr. Barry Ward has been the director since 1977. The band at St. Leo’s operates within the curriculum of classes as a pull-out system and was developed with the concept of educating the well -rounded child with comprehensive music education. A student’s spiritual, academic and artistic development act together to form a complete modern day approach. The St. Leo’s Band has numbered up to 145 student musicians from grades 4th – 8th. Grade 4, the youngest, form the major portion of the beginner band. However, beginners can come from any grade level and are highly encouraged to join. Our advanced band portion of the program consist generally of student with at least one year of experience and mainly from 5th – 8th grade. The beginner and the advanced programs are separated on two days of the weeks; Mondays are beginner lessons and full rehearsals and Wednesdays are advanced lessons and full rehearsals. Concerts at school are given by both groups on the same date and the advanced band is asked to play at the Arlington Diocese Band Festival and the Music in the Parks, Spring Trip. Each year Mr. Ward anticipates openings in both bands. Our advanced band has all the usual instrument but tries to expand the instrumentation with larger instruments such as tuba, baritone, french horn, bass clarinet, trombone or tenor sax. These and other instruments are available from the band via the school fund raiser program and may be obtained through Mr. Ward. The beginner program introduces 5 basic instruments for the first year student. They are as follows: flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, trombone/baritone and drum (bell kit). These instruments are usually rented through a local store at the beginning of the school year. Beginners, because of age and size, are asked to stay with one of these instruments in the first year of band and will be allowed to consider other instruments after that with the recommendation of the director. You may contact Mr. Ward at

Contests and Competitions – The St. Leo’s Band History

  • 1977 – 2010 – Arlington Diocese Band Festival (Bishop Ireton High School) Outstanding Band in the Diocese 4 times. Superior ratings all 32 years.
  • 1982 and 1983 – National Tape Festival: Notre Dame University
  • 1980 and 1990 – The Kings Dominion Band Festival Superior and Excellent ratings

Music in the Parks Festivals (Spring Trips)

  • Kings Dominion – 1982,85,92
  • Hershey Park – 1985,86,88,91,95,96,02,04,06,08,10 Grand Champion in 1999, 2002
  • Busch Gardens, Williamsburg – 1981,83,89,90,93,98,01,03,05,07,09 Esprit de Corps Award in 2003
  • Dorney Park, Pa – 1994,97,2000 Grande Champion all 3 years.
  • Great Adventure in N.J. – 1988

Special Concerts and trips.

  • Concert at the Ellipse of the White House – 1978,1979
  • Fairfax City Festival of the Arts – 1987

Band Director: Barry Ward 703-764-2823 Band Coordinators: Julie McDonald

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