NJHS Eligibility

NJHS Selection Process and Eligibility
After the second grading period students in Seventh and Eighth grade will be eligible for membership.

Selection Process:

  1. Students with a cumulative GPA of 92% in Religion, English, Literature, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish will receive an activity form to complete and return to the NJHS Faculty Advisor. In the application form, candidates must demonstrate that they possess traits in the remaining four pillars of the NJHS: Service, Character, Leadership, and Citizenship. No late applications will be accepted for consideration.
    1. Service – Candidate must demonstrate real and substantive service to their school, community, and or parish. Candidates may not include mandatory Confirmation or school activities.
    2. Character – Candidate must demonstrate positive character which reflects the ideals of both NJHS and our Catholic faith.
    3. Leadership – Candidate must demonstrate positive leadership in clubs, activities, sports, and in the classroom. Negative classroom behavior demonstrates poor leadership.
    4. Citizenship – Candidates must demonstrate positive character in clubs, activities, sports, and in the classroom. Scores of 1s and Xs on a report card demonstrate poor citizenship.
  2. Elementary, Middle School, and Encore teachers as well as staff members who teach/work with the students will be asked to provide character recommendations on the applicants.
  3. The Faculty Council will take into consideration the right side of the report card, the completed activity form, and teacher recommendations during the selection process. A majority of the Faculty Council must approve a student for membership into NJHS.
  4. Candidates who have earned 1s or Xs on their report card in either effort, conduct, or study and work habits may be considered ineligible for membership because these areas go directly with ideas of character and citizenship.
  5. Candidates who have been suspended for any reason may be considered ineligible for membership because such disciplinary actions are contrary to the ideas of character and citizenship.
  6. Candidates who are invited to join the Saint Leo the Great Chapter of the NJHS will become members after the induction ceremony.
  7. Members must maintain all five pillars in order to continue membership in the NJHS. Students who fall below NJHS requirements will be given one grading period to correct the deficiency.
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