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3704 Old Lee Highway
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
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Phone: 703-273-1211
Fax: 703-273-6913

School Office Hours are 7:30am-3:30pm

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Principal Mr. David DiPippa 644 ddipippa
Asst. Principal Ms. Ava Prizzi 645 aprizzi
Admissions Director K-8 Ms. Ava Prizzi 645 admissions
Asst. Principal for Curriculum Instruction Mrs. Kathie Burgess 647 kburgess
Office Manager Mrs. Amy Wilson 0/688 awilson
Morning Receptionist & Volunteer Compliance Coordinator Ms. Deysi Palma 655 dpalma
Afternoon Receptionist & Transcript Coordinator Mrs. Joanne DeMarco 654 jdemarco
School Counselor Lindsay Sterling 649 lsterling
Vianney Center Director Mrs. Melissa Baker 669 mbaker
In-school Accounts Receivable Mrs. Amy Wilson 688 awilson
Attendance Line Ms. Deysi Palma 640 attendance
Technology Lab Mr. Mike Hedderson 617 mhedderson
Extended Day Director Mr. Liviu Dumeniuc 648 ldumeniuc
Extended Day Finance Ms. Ava Prizzi 621 aprizzi
Director of Support Services Mr. Tom Browne 273-1211 facilitiesmgr
Kitchen Mrs. Bick Kayne 650 kitchen
Nurse/Clinic Mrs. Elizabeth Kappes 646 ekappes
Title 1 Ms. Michelle Faber
Technology Coordinator Mr. Mike Hedderson 617 mhedderson
Tuition Accounts Mrs. Mary Lou Gross 273-5369 mlgross
Lower School
Kindergarten Mrs. Mary Knapp mknapp
Kindergarten Instructional Assistant Mrs. Vicki Holleran vholleran
Kindergarten Mrs. Cindy Crum ccrum
Kindergarten Instructional Assistant Mrs. Suzan Kight skight
Grade 1 Mrs. Carol Bussey cbussey
Grade 1 Instructional Assistant Mrs. Lena Gude lgude
Grade 1 Mrs. Kelly Rush krush
Grade 1 Instructional Assistant Mrs. Shervin Rahai srahai
Grade 2 Ms. Victoria Wheatley vwheatley
Grade 2 Instructional Assistant Mrs. Joanne Darnell jdarnell
Grade 2 Ms. Leanne Conques lconques
Grade 2 Instructional Assistant Mrs. Joanne DeMarco jdemarco
Grade 3 Mrs. Ruth Ulmer rulmer
Grade 3 Ms. Kathleen Merriman kmerriman
Grade 3 Instructional Assistant Liviu Dumeniuc ldumeniuc
Grade 4 Mrs. Amy Reed areed
Grade 4 Mrs. Elizabeth Bernt ebernt
Grade 5 Mrs. Amanda Limberg alimberg
Grade 5 Ms. Thao Nguyen tnguyen
Middle School
Lang Arts & Religion Mr. Robert Clair rclair
Lang Arts, Soc Stu, & Religion Mr. Jim Kontoes jkontoes
Lang Arts, Soc Stu, & Religion Mr. Dave Torma dtorma
Math & Religion Mrs. Tina Scherer tscherer
Math & Religion Mrs. Melissa Alegre malegre
Advanced Math Gr. 5-8, 8th Grade Geometry Mrs. Claudia Lupu clupu
Science Mr. Abraham Alexander aalexander
Art K-8 Mrs. Ana Cerezo acerezo
Music K-8 Mrs. Hwan-Ah Lee hlee
Physical Education K-8 Mr. Scott Allen sallen
Spanish 1-4 Mr. Liviu Dumeniuc ldumeniuc
Spanish 5-8 Mrs. Lisa Schouviller lschouviller
Technology Teacher K-8 Mrs. Kathie Burgess kburgess
Preschool Director Mrs. Blanca Figueiredo 652 bfigueiredo
Teacher Assistant Beth Ward bward
Teacher Assistant Katie Blanchard kblanchard
Teacher Assistant Joanne Darnell jdarnell
CCD Office Ms. Toni Haaland 273-4868
Rectory Germana Beauchamp 273-5369
Rectory- facility schedule requests Ms. Beatrix Szele 273-5369
Director of Parish Support Services Mr. Tom Browne 273-1211
Youth Ministry Katherine Aguilar

St. Leo the Great Catholic Church
3700 Old Lee Highway
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Reverend David A. Whitestone, Pastor

Phone: 703-273-5369
Fax: 703-273-2371

Leading by Example to Foster Faith and Academic Growth