Parent Participation Program

The “Parent Participation Policy” has been created at Saint Leo the Great Catholic School for the purpose of having all parents participate in and/or otherwise support the school activities at Saint Leo’s.

*The Parent Participation Policy (PPP) is administered by the PTO Volunteer Coordinator and supported by the PTO Board. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Volunteer Coordinator or to a PTO Board member. * All families with children enrolled at Saint Leo the Great School are encouraged to participate in the PPP. Families are asked to provide at least 20 volunteer hours per school year.

* Single parent families are asked to provide at least 10 volunteer hours per school year.

* Volunteer opportunities are listed below. Forms can be dropped off at the front office. Please put your form in an envelope marked: Volunteer Sign Up

* Volunteer positions are assigned on a first-come, first served basis. All school families are encouraged to sign up for positions as soon as possible. We will make every effort to give volunteers the positions requested.

* The Director of Volunteer Activities must approve positions not listed on the volunteer opportunities sign up.

* Parents are responsible for tracking their own hours through the online program Help Counter.

* Jobs that completely fill the 20-hour obligation are: PTO Positions, Playground Monitors, Lunchroom Monitors, Room Parents, Advisory Parent, PTO Event Chairs and Co-Chairs, Development Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs, Auction Gala Chairs, Parent Moderators for after school clubs, Scout Leaders and Coordinators, CYO Commissioner and Coaches (all sports), Confirmation Leaders, Religious Education Teachers and Assistants. Parents that volunteer in these positions must fill out the volunteer log and list the Exempt position.

* Parents that volunteer for a particular activity and then subsequently have to cancel are responsible for finding a replacement. * Questions regarding how many hours a family has volunteered can be directed to the Director of Volunteer Activities

* Information concerning those who have volunteered for particular jobs and events will be given to the job/event chairs. The chairs will then contact the volunteers of the job/event to assign duties.

* Families who would like to chair or co-chair events or jobs for the following school year should notify the PTO President and Director of Volunteer Activities. This can be done by e-mail at

* Special care will be made to make off-hour (non Monday through Friday 9 to 5) volunteer opportunities available to families where both parents work or for a single-family parent. Examples of off-hour opportunities include, baking at home, computer entry of grocery store club information dance chaperones, Fall Family Fun Night, Quiz Bowl, Golf Tournament, Ice Cream Social, Auction Gala, Carnival, School Supplies Chair, Scout Leaders, Confirmation Leaders and Co-Leaders, Religious Education Teachers and Assistants.

* Families that are unable to complete the suggested hours are asked to e-mail the Principal at with a brief explanation as to why they are unable to volunteer. The Principal will then notify the the Director of Volunteer Activities and the family will be contacted. * Information regarding the Parent Participation Policy can be changed or deleted as necessary. Proper notification of any changes will be given to all school families and be made available on the school PTO website.

Volunteer Descriptions
St. Leo’s PTO welcomes and encourages all volunteer efforts! We have volunteer opportunities to meet all types of busy schedules. Please read over these descriptions and find opportunities that meet your time and talents. Then, fill out the Volunteer form to get started. HELP FROM HOME Baking, food donations for events: Willing to provide baked goods for an event or two throughout the year such as dances, Valentine’s Day, bake sales, etc. Grocery Club Card volunteer: Solicit families to register their grocery store cards for donations to the school; enters membership numbers through websites. Research other store programs for possible participation. HELP AT SCHOOL

  • Art Volunteers: Assist art teacher during elementary grade class time. Help hang art in hallways.
  • Science Lab: Assist middle school science teacher with set-up and execution of science labs.
  • Math Tutor: Help teachers assist students learn valuable math skills.
  • Free Spirit: Will help where and when needed, particularly on a short notice.
  • Library Volunteer: Assist librarian one day a week or as needed throughout the year.
  • Kitchen Volunteer: Assist kitchen staff as needed as a substitute or for special events.
  • Playground Monitor Volunteer/Substitute: Assist on-duty teacher with oversight of children while on the playground. One day a week from 12:00 to 1:15. It’s a great way to interact with your child and get to know the other children and parents. Four volunteers a day needed.
  • Lunchroom Monitor Volunteer/Substitute: Assist on-duty Cafeteria Monitor with oversight of children while in the lunchroom. Table cleanup after each group leaves. One day a week from 11:45 to 1:15. It’s a great way to insure your child is eating his/her lunch and to get to know the other children and staff. Two volunteers a day needed.
  • Extended Day Volunteer: Help the children with service projects, crafts and games. Time commitment at your discretion – once a day, week, month, etc. Must be Virtus compliant.
  • Physical Fitness Representative: Come in once a month beginning in September to do a practice run of the events tested in the spring.  For example, during PE class, the volunteer would run the class through the sit and reach (in small groups) while Mr. Allen runs class. Also help with testing in the spring. One representative per class would be outstanding!
  • Sight and Hearing Testing: Assist several hours one day in the fall.
  • Book Fair: Book Fair held twice per year. Assist the librarian for a morning or afternoon during our spring or fall Book Fair, setting up, assisting children, or collecting money.
  • Battle of the Books: Help prepare students for this annual quiz by moderating a book discussion from an approved list. Occurs during lunch recess throughout the year.
  • Spelling Bee Judge: Officiate at the Grade 7-8 Spelling Bee held one day during Catholic Schools week. Three judges are needed plus one “word caller.” Held in the afternoon. Please check the school calendar for exact dates and times.
  • Individual or Class Picture Days: Assist the photographer by organizing and help students line up, smile, fix ties, smooth cowlicks!
  • Science Fair Judge: Spend a few hours judging the annual science fair. No experience or science knowledge needed. A great way for parents of younger students to see what middle school science offers our children. Many judges needed.
  • Dances: Help sell tickets, decorate before-hand; Chaperone the 7th & 8th graders while they dance the night away!
  • Field Day: Assist in one of the many opportunities for our exciting Field Day. Record times, escort a class to their events, tally scores, etc. Time required: a morning, an afternoon or the whole day. Great Fun!
  • Band: Help coordinate and distribute information to the parents and students. Help with Back to School Night, fundraising, concerts and annual band trip in May.

PTO Events

  • Gift Wrap Fundraiser: Sale of wrapping paper and gift items. Fundraiser held in the first few weeks of the school year. This is an important fundraiser for the PTO. Volunteers are needed to count orders, unload and sort products.
  • Fall Family Fun Night: Always a fun kick-off social for the school year. Involves a reasonably priced meal, DJ, dancing, decorations, and the infamous Haunted House. Volunteer requirements vary.
  • Quiz Bowl: An annual event, with a loyal following! A social evening for adults, involving food, drink, brain teasers and trivia. Volunteers assist the previous year’s winners to develop the questions, categories and score answers throughout the night.
  • Uniform Exchange: Held 3 times a year – Open House, before Winter uniform, before Spring Uniform. A great way to swap uniforms as your children grow. Bring in your outgrown uniforms (clean and in good condition). Volunteers get first choices! Assist in setting up, receiving clothing, tallying credits, and checking out customers.
  • School Supply Sale: Pre-packaged school supplies assembled for parents’ convenience. Fundraiser involving collecting orders at the end of the year, ordering over the summer, and distributing supplies at Open House in August.
  • Ice Cream Social: A fun evening in the Spring to enjoy ice cream with friends. Volunteers are needed to help purchase, scoop and serve the ice cream and toppings. Set up and clean up.
  • Annual Golf Tournament: A great fundraiser. Help is needed with preplanning, advertising, soliciting donations or working the afternoon and evening of the tournament.
  • Parish Festival: a fun-filled event with games, rides, dunking booth, and so much more. Usually held in September. Various volunteer activities.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Auction Gala: Help with our largest annual fundraiser and a wonderful evening out for the adults. Help is needed with soliciting auction items, advertising sales, coordinating class baskets or projects, decorations, planning, ticket sales, catalog development and set up.
  • Scouts: Nationally recognized scouting programs for boys, starting in first grade and girls, starting in kindergarten. The scouting programs are always in need of volunteers. They will have their own scouting orientations in the beginning of the school year.
  • Sports: Coaches and assistant coaches needed for cheerleading, girl’s and boy’s basketball, tennis, and track, grades 4 through 8.


Saint Leo the Great School Compliance Plan — Volunteer Protecting God’s Children

The Office for the Protection of Children and Young People, (OPCYP) has required yearly continuing safe environment education of clergy, employees and volunteers who have substantial contact with youth since 2002. Effective December 23, 2015, Bishop Loverde changed the frequency of the continuing safe environment education and the program being used here in the Diocese of Arlington.

The following changes have been made to this policy:

  • Continuing Education will be required after three years of volunteering or employment at the interval of three-years from the anniversary date of volunteering or employment. For those who have already been employed or volunteering for more than three years or are new employees during FY16, the anniversary date will be July 1, 2015.
  • Future continuing education will be conducted via an online video that will be sent to the individual on their anniversary date. For those who do not have email accounts live viewing will be made available by request.
  • The Office for the Protection of Children and Young People will use a new continuing education program entitled, Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse produced by the DCAC Training Center. This program is updated and will provide more relevant information to assist employees and volunteers.
  • Therefore, we will not be scheduling the viewing of the refresher DVD, Keeping the Promise Alive, this summer. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers here at Saint Leo the Great.

These requirements include: acknowledgement of the policy titled “Policy on the Protection of Children/Young People and the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and/or Child Abuse”, completion of the Questionnaire, a criminal history background check, attendance at the Virtus Protecting God’s Children Seminar and Completion of the Code of Conduct. In accordance with the Diocese of Arlington, Saint Leo the Great Catholic School has instituted the following plan to comply with the Protecting God’s Children Program. Volunteers who have substantial contact with students will be required to complete the requirements as set forth by the Diocese of Arlington. Volunteers identified as having substantial contact with students at Saint Leo the Great School are those in the following roles:

  • Lunchroom / Playground monitor
  • Room parent
  • Chaperone for any event.
  • Volunteers who are working 1:1 or in small groups with children, i.e. math parent helper, or any who may interact with children without the teacher’s presence.
  • Library volunteer
  • General volunteer who comes into the school or classroom more than one time a year.

**Volunteers who are coming in to help in the classroom for one time a year will not be required to complete the background check.**

Register at PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CLASS DOES FILL UP QUICKLY AND REQUIRES PRE-REGISTRATION. PLEASE REGISTER ASAP. Other seminars are available throughout the Diocese and listed on the Virtus website.

Science Fair Judges, Field Day Assistants, Colonial Day helpers, Medieval Day helpers and Guest Speakers do not need to complete a background check with the understanding that the individual will not be alone with a student at any time during these events. CYO coaches, Scout leaders (Girl, Cub and Boy) will be given background check materials through the rectory. CCD volunteers will be given background check materials through the CCD office. Volunteers who meet the requirements through the rectory or CCD office can be added to the school general volunteer list also. All volunteers must complete the background requirements within 3 weeks of receipt of the background materials or they will not be permitted to volunteer. Background packets for school volunteer positions need to be turned into the front office in person and will be mailed to the Diocese within one week of receipt. Please direct your questions to Laura Potter at
Thank you for everything you do at St. Leo the Great School.
Parent volunteers are critical to supporting our children and we truly appreciate everything you do.

Leading by Example to Foster Faith and Academic Growth