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PTO Annual Activities & Fundraisers

Innisbrook Wrapping Paper

One of the PTO’s annual Fundraisers, Innisbrook wrapping paper and gifts are sold by students in September. Ordering can be done online or in person. The funds that are raised through Innisbrook are used in the PTO’s annual budget, providing many school improvements and special teacher requests.

Race for Education-

The Race for Education is a school wide fundraiser that involves the students in walking or jogging around a designated area for one hour. The PTO established this fundraiser to enhance funding for St. Leo’s future technology goals, such as E-books, and assist the school with current PTO/school needs.  The first Race for Education (R4E) fundraiser took place at St. Leo’s on May 3, 2012.  In the Fall of 2012, the PTO Board voted to include a provision that 10% of the total donations would be donated to a charity.

R4E is a jog-a-thon that is held in May.  All students participate regardless of donations raised; however, the success of this fundraiser is based on parents/students supplying the contact information for potential sponsors.  While in school, the children write letters to their identified potential sponsors asking them for sponsorship and encouragement. R4E has various other steps thought out the year that requires a great deal of volunteer manpower. R4E is collaboration between school staff, parents, and the community and we are very proud of its success at St. Leo’s.

The actual ‘Race Day’ is an exciting day filled with a lot school spirit.   We encourage parents to volunteer, participate with your child or cheer them on! If you have any questions, would like to be a corporate sponsor, or would like to help in any way possible please do not hesitate to contact Nicole Kearney or Cara Hardin at

We look forward to seeing you on Race Day!

Golf Tournament-

Each spring, the PTO hosts a golf tournament open to all golfers; school parents, friends, sponsors and relatives! You don’t have to be an expert to have a wonderful day out on the course! Funds raised by the annual tournament each spring are designated to the schools’ technology fund which has provided over 20 ActivBoards, projectors, computers and netbooks within the school. 

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Family Fun Night

Family Bingo

Quiz Bowl

Dinner Out & Retail Shopping Sponsored Nights