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A Beautiful and Successful Day for the St. Leo’s Golf Tournament!
On Friday, May 22, St. Leo’s PTO hosted their 7th Annual Golf Tournament at the Westfields Golf Club in Clifton, VA. Jim Anderson, Tournament Chair, and Jean Mancuso, Auction Chair, with Kevin Murphy, Susan Gledhill, Lena Gude and Mizuho Akiba, helped our school enjoy its highest-grossing tournament yet, with over $70,000 accounted for to date! With only two months to work on this fundraising event, the auction, alone, has grossed over $10,000. Estimates for the tournament’s net (after expenses) are over $40,000. These much-needed funds will help our teachers, Mrs. Allis and Mr. Hedderson, purchase 60 Chromebooks to replace obsolete netbooks on roaming carts. They can install wireless network infrastructure (multiple school-wide access points; upgraded switches and wiring) to replace the current infrastructure which is unable to support increasing numbers of wireless devices. The school also is in need of Linux server upgrades and 28 computer lab computers to meet the computer lab image, video, and other multimedia requirements. These computers will replace student computers in individual classrooms. Thank you, to everyone who helped on the tournament. These funds will GREATLY help our students and their school!

St. Leo 2014 – 2015 PTO Volunteer of the Year: Mr. Kevin Shook!
Congratulations to Mr. Kevin Shook, on winning the prestigious PTO Volunteer of the Year Award! On Tuesday, May 25, Mr. DiPippa presented Kevin Shook with the award at the St. Leo’s Volunteer Breakfast. Mr. Shook is always ready to help friends, teachers, and staff whenever called upon. He is a true leader for our school. Thank you, Mr. Shook, for your dedicated service to our school. Below, are examples of the activities that he has volunteered for over the years:

  • 8th Grade Advent Calendar Sales
  • BINGO registration database (2013, 2014, and 2015)
  • BINGO registration envelope “stuffing”
  • Chaperoning the 7th and 8th grade dances
  • Chaperon the Youth and Junior Choir bus trip to the Shrine for the Christmas taping
  • Cub Scout Outdoor Activities Chair
  • CYO Basketball assistant coach (2013-14 and 2014-15)
  • CYO Track & Field events and afterschool assistance
  • Drama Club moderator on several occasions for 2014-15 school year and he has volunteered to take over the role in the 2015-16 school year
  • Family Fun Night volunteer
  • Parent Volunteer for Shakespeare Festival rehearsal
  • Parish Picnic (Knights of Columbus – but it benefited the school as well)
  • PTO Directory publishing for 2013-14 and 2014-15 school year
  • PTO online directory (research, benchmarking and contracting and implementation)
  • Quiz Bowl Committee
  • Race for Education assistance with labels on envelopes 2014

St. Leo 2014 – 2015 PTO Funded Activities and Goods
Our St. Leo Volunteers have had a GREAT year! THANK YOU! Look at what you have helped your PTO accomplish this year:

  • $20,000 from PTO General Funds to support the purchase of LabLearners science program for school
  • ActivBoard Computers, Computer Monitors, Teacher Document Cameras
  • Middle School Science Supplies
  • Gym Improvements – sound system
  • Kindergarten kitchen playset
  • New gym equipment for Coach Allen (basketballs, jerseys, etc.)
  • MagnifiKid Subscription
  • Cultural Arts Assemblies
  • Network Storage Devices
  • Listening Library
  • Shared cost with Development Committee for the online GreaterGiving database and credit card service
  • Preschool Christmas Party
  • Kindergarten Mother Goose Presentation
  • 5th and 6th Grade Field Trip Buses, and Middle School Teambuilding Trip Buses
  • Saint Kits for 1st and 2nd Grade
  • 4th Grade Colonial Day Presenters
  • Stocking Craft Supplies for 2nd Grade
  • Camera for Preschool
  • Secured new EPI Schools Supply Kits at reduced cost and improved overall quality of service
  • 2nd Grade Jesus Day
  • Texas Instruments calculators for 5th grade
  • School safe

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