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Uniform Guide

Saint Leo the Great School uniforms are provided by Flynn & O’Hara. See the link below for more information on ordering your uniform from Flynn & O’Hara. All K-8 students wear a uniform to school each day, including days when they have PE class. Please see the uniform forms listed below for a visual guide to our uniform requirements. More detailed information can be found in our Parent/Student Handbook.

Please note: knee socks and tights worn are now black for all girls K-8. Socks that are worn with pants also need to be black. Any other socks worn (ankle, crew) are to be plain (no branding or decorations), white and visible for PE and when wearing kilts, shorts or jumper.

For more information about Spiritwear Days, please see the PTO page. For detailed information regarding “out of uniform days”, please refer to the parent/student handbook.